Total IT Support for Essex, based near Colchester

Our Total Support features

Clever monitoring software which alerts our technicians to any issue which might arise on a computer in real-time.

As firm believers that prevention is far better than cure, we love this approach as it gives us advanced warnings on hardware and software failure so we can remote in and fix things before they lead to any downtime for the user.

Unlimited remote support for any IT issue you are having. Even if you need help installing software or hardware not purchased through us.

Total Support offers you a remote technician to help you with whatever you need.

Preferential call-out response times.

Although in our experience, users of our Total Support preventative maintenance approach rarely find themselves in a situation where they need someone onsite as a matter of urgency; if you do, we give you a preferential response time.

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The people behind the IT

We’ve been providing IT support around Colchester and Chelmsford and across Essex since 1998. Our past is testament to the fact we’re here to stay, more interested in building long term relationships with our customers. Spending time to get to know them and their business. Always in dialogue about where the business may be going in the next few months to years so we can plan the IT around it.

Over the years we’ve proven that keeping IT simple means less can goes wrong. In addition, customers can better understand the systems they have in place which allows them to make full use of all the features, thus driving productivity.

Take a look at our customers page to see some real-life references.

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“We use a favoured subset of products and services in use by our customers. Their feedback over the years has allowed us to finely tune each product and service we deliver which maximises customer productivity, reduces overall cost and most importantly keeps their data secure”

Some Of Our IT Support Customers



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Christy Floodlightling

Christy Floodlighting

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Blackstone Kitchens

Blackstone Kitchens

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