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Virus Removal:

Q. What do I do if I think I have a virus?

A. Depending on the severity of the threat, you should cease any attempts to login to websites that ask for your username and password and certainly stay away from Internet banking. AVG, Trend, Norton and others have free basic scanners that can detect and remove some viruses. If in doubt however it is best to keep your computer switched off until a professional looks it at.

Q. Am I likely to lose my data during the virus removal procedure?

A. Generally, No. Most viruses these days are more concerned with stealing you banking details or scamming you for money. There are still some viruses that can attack your data so be aware. The cleanup process, when performed by a professional should not yield in further (if any) loss of personal data.

Q. I have found programs on the Internet that promise to clean my PC of viruses for free / small fee. Can I trust them?

A. As the old adage goes, if it sounds to good to be true, it normally is. That's not to say that there aren't some good removal tools out there. It's just the scammers are hedging their bets that you will download their program in desperation. Once installed they may have access to your pc, or will ask you to pay a fee to fix problems that may not actually be present on your computer.

Internet Security:

Q. There are so many free and paid antiviruses out there, which one is best?

A. There is a lot of choice these days when it comes to antivirus. Lately, some of the best are actually the free products. Microsoft's own antivirus actually stands up quite well amongst them all and offers a full featured product to customers who have genuine Microsoft Windows on their computer. There are many other options and we can help you to find one that suites your PC or Mac.

Q. Why is my computer saying that I need to provide my Credit Card details to clean viruses found on my computer?

A. Unless you normally pay for your antivirus, and your product has expired, (subscriptions are generally12 months) this will probably be a virus itself. These programs give fake positive virus results to convince you that you need to clean your computer, which they then offer to do for a considerable cost. This is a virus and needs to be looked at by a professional.

Q. I have heard that Apple computers do not get viruses, is this true?

A. Simple answer is no. Viruses are specifically written for either PC or Mac. Because more people use PC's these virus writers generally write their virus to attack a PC as they know there will be more damage done. As Apple has become more popular the amount of viruses being written for Mac is ever increasing. As with PC there are many options of antivirus available, both free and subscription based.

Laptop Repair:

Q. I have damaged the screen on my laptop, is this fixable?

A. Yes, quite simply actually. The majority of broken screens we replace generally only need the LCD/LED panel itself replaced. In some cases, the hinges and/or chassis incur damage and may also need attention.

Q. I have spilt drink over the keyboard of my laptop, what should I do?

A. It is extremely important that the first thing you do is turn the laptop upside down and remove any power source, including the battery. Some liquid damaged laptops can be repaired quite easily but this is hampered when the customer repeatedly tries to turn on the laptop to see if it's OK. Remove all power and seek professional assistance.

Q. When I plug the power source into my laptop is does not charge. Now the battery is flat and it wont switch on at all, is this serious?

A. No, you have more than likely damaged the either the end of the plug, or the socket it fits into on the side of your laptop. In this scenario it is best not to try to fiddle with it in an effort to make it work as sometimes the two polarities of power (+ & -) can short out and cause more damage. Seek professional assistance.

Desktop Repair:

Q. All of a sudden my PC will not switch on. There are no lights and no noise coming from the main unit. Is this serious?

A. Generally, No. In 95% of cases we deal with this is normally the power supply unit that converts your household mains 240v to PC friendly 12v and under. In many cases these units simply fail and generally don't damage any other components with it. A simple swap out of this unit will have you up and running again in no time.

Q. My PC (or laptop in this case) powers on and shows an image on the screen but doesn't completely boot into Windows or Mac OSX. What's wrong with it?

A. There are many things that can cause these types of problems and they are quite common. Anything from Viruses, missing or corrupt system files or a recent installation of corrupt / incompatible software or system updates. At this point it is best that the computer is switched off and looked at by a qualified technician.

Q. I have an 'all in one' computer with no separate box and everything integrated into the screen. It is not switching on. Can these 'all in one' computers still be repaired?

A. Yes. An all in one computer is simply a large LED screen with components that would normally be used inside a laptop. At times, sourcing replacement components can be difficult and sometimes cost a little more but a resolution can still be had.

Mobile/Tablet Repair:

Q. I have cracked / smashed the screen on my tablet. (iPad or any other brand) It still appears to be working as I can see the image on the screen. Is this expensive to repair?

A. No. If you can still use the device then a replacement Digitizer will fix it. Sometimes the out chassis can be damaged but generally this is just an aesthetical issue and doesn't hinder the performance.

Q. I have cracked / smashed the screen on my tablet. (iPad or any other brand) but nothing is appearing on the screen at all. Is it dead?

A. It may not be. The digitizer that senses your finger gestures is the glass on the top layer that cracks when dropped. In some cases, the underlying LED screen can also be damaged and this can also be replaced. Sometimes though, no image on the screen can also mean the logicboard is damaged and replacement of this along with your digitizer can sometimes outweigh the cost of a complete replacement tablet.

Q. My tablet (iPad or any other brand) is running slower than it used to. Or it's randomly taking we to webpages I haven't requested and displaying pop-up ad's. What's wrong with it?

A. This could be a virus. Tablets can still suffer similar attacks through the Internet. The symptoms listed above are the key signs that this has happened. Please switch of the tablet immediately to prevent further damage and seek professional assistance.

Internet Support/ Email :

Q. I use web-based email. (Gmail, Live. Yahoo, Hotmail etc) All of my contacts have been receiving emails from me with links to rogue websites, but I never sent them, how has this happened?

A. Contrary to what you may think, your computer has not been infected with a virus, although it's always a good idea to get it checked out. A Bot (automated virus) has attacked the server in the cloud where your email account lives and has run a code on it that attempts to login using millions of password combinations until it gains access. From here it will use you account and it's contacts to send emails with links to viral webpages. If you cannot access your account due to incorrect password, you have lost this email account. If you can, please change your password immediately and do not use words from the dictionary. Include capitol letters, numbers and symbols.

Q. My Internet is desperately slow. What has happened?

A. If you have a metered Internet connection, you have probably exceeded your monthly download limit. There can be other causes like viruses, other wireless devices in the house or workplace can be interfering with your router. Your router itself may be faulty or in some cases it can be a problem with your telephone line inside or sometimes outside your home. Your service provider can tell you if everything is OK there end if you contact them, once they confirm this you can contact a technician like us.

Q. I have a smart TV but I don't know what to do with it?

A. Smart TV's run similar software to that found in your tablet. Once connected to the Internet you can access a marketplace like Google Play and download apps like you do on your tablet. You can download things like Skype to chat to friends (Webcam required), BBC iPlayer to catch up on your favourite TV shows and even games. Most Smart TV's already come with a host of preinstalled apps for your enjoyment. If you cannot set yours up, technicians like us can certainly assist you to get the most from your smart TV.

IT for Business:

Q. My business doesn't have a simple and effective backup system. What are our options?

A. This is normally a two-part approach. First the data is better of being centralized on a single device, then backups only need to access the one device. This device shouldn't be somebody's actual computer, but a network attached storage, a dumb terminal or even a Server. Backups methods can vary and there are several options depending on what data you have and how you need to access it.

Q. Our email system is slow and does not deliver the same emails to all of our devices. (PC, tablet, smatphone) what is the solution?

A. Cloud based Microsoft Exchange is the best solution for any business. Hosted on 99.99% uptime Microsoft Servers it is the most reliable and fully featured push-style email system available today. It will correctly synchronize you email, contacts and calendar entries to all your devices and is the only system that gives you a familiar web based Outlook when you need to access your emails from a device other than your own. It also give you the power to lock down and remotely wipe any mobile device of your data should you misplace it.

Q. Can I access my computer from home rather than have to stay back at work?

A. Yes, there are many way this can achieved. There are some good free programs and better paid versions. If you already have a Microsoft Server in place then this can be achieved through some configuration. It's best to have a business grade internet service at your work with good upload speeds and a static IP address. (not necessary but it's good practice to have in place)


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