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Colchester: 01206 805 629
Braintree & Witham: 01376 388 751
Chelmsford 01245 905 795

What Our Customers Say

As a business owner, it is important to me for a company to be efficient, on time, presentable and capable. I contacted another company before yourselves but they did not even return my phone call. It is wonderful to talk to someone on the phone who is the actual tech. Second, to be so efficient and an up to date timetable. And third, Dylan turned up on time and got straight on to the job whilst being pleasant and not talking down to the non-tech customer. Thanks A Million!!

Tania Veers

Dylan is a life saver! I couldn't be more impressed with his willingness to help out. I run my business from my laptop and without it everything comes to a halt. Dylan had me up and running again in a few hours. He was very helpful and very understanding when a complete techno-moron like me calls up! Thank you very much for your help.

Brett Munkich

Our PC died suddenly and we hadn't backed up our photos and writing for quite a while, so we needed help and fast. Dylan was brilliant - friendly, not judgmental (no frowns or lectures about backing up our files), he worked fast and logically, and let us know exactly what he was doing and why. We're very impressed, and would certainly use Dylan IT again, and will definitely recommend your business to other people.

Katrina Mouler

I was thoroughly impressed with your Company from start to finish. I spoke to Dylan on the phone, who was polite, friendly and helpful - an unfortunate rarity these days. The email reminder, the phone call from Dylan on the day to confirm his arrival, his appearance, his demeanour and work. I could not be happier! Thank you very much.

Nikky Meed

Dylan was knowledgeable and knew what he was doing. He also explained all the other services that the company offers. He phoned before he arrived and he was earlier than scheduled. He also knew what questions to ask and fully appreciated my situation. Dylan is to be congratulated for his professionalism.

Mervyn Collier

The first contact with Dylan IT was over the phone and he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Dylan came to our home, fixed the problem we had in a short time and then proceeded to help and advise with other questions I had. Extremely impressed with the whole service.

Sally Manchini

Dylan was courteous and professional. He was technically knowledgeable and answered many of the questions I had. Being an Mac enthusiast, it was a good opportunity to ask questions and learn from an experienced techie. He knew what he was doing and what to look for when trying to optimise my system. I'd sing his praises from the rooftops if I could!

Kevin Coles

Great service. Very accommodating. I felt extremely comfortable from the first moment of meeting our technician - Dylan. He was not only able to translate difficult computer jargon into daily 'speak', but went that extra mile in resolving our computer 'melt down', and then patiently assisted our family by setting up a weekly back-up system. His expertise, advice, and tenacity saved 10 years of precious family photos; important career documents; and enabled our girls to get back into their social networking! Thanks Dylan IT!

Fiona Beercamp.

Dylan was amazing and especially great with my teenage sons who he was very good with. He listened to them, made them feel like they were equals and then carefully explained some aspects of computer usage to help them be more careful and avoid viruses, etc. He was an absolute delight, so knowledgeable, helpful and kind.

Alicia Bennett

Dylan gave me access to the data I hadn't backed up when a power surge took out my old computer, which I thought I'd lost forever. It also took all the anxiety out of setting up my new computer, especially getting the antivirus installed and wireless protection set up. Dylan was courteous and knowledgeable, and managed to complete in a couple of hours what it would have taken me weeks and buckets of tears to do.

Sue Gibbs

Dylan arrived on time, knew what he was doing and sorted out all my issues with the VPN and network without a hitch. Having worked in the IT industry myself (in a non technical capacity) I know that his skills are outstanding. His presentation and professionalism on the job were also excellent. He was also outstanding in arranging the appointment and assisting me when I needed to change it later. I have already recommended Dylan IT to one of my clients. Keep up the good work. Very few companies are interested in using customer service as a market differentiator and believe me, when someone comes along who does it right it makes a huge difference to your customer's experience, and to your own bottom line no doubt. Thank you.

Kerry Fells

Wow - from the time I made my first call to the time you left my house the service was incredible!! I have never encountered a company like this where every contact I had was AMAZING!! Dylan calmed me down when I rang to book my him and was so helpful that I was immediately confident. When Dylan came, not only was he professional, honest and courteous, but extremely knowledgeable as well. JOB WELL DONE.

Chantel Winham

Dylan is incredibly user friendly. I have an active 13 year old, and an ill 19 year old who is computer dependent; I am personally highly limited with regard to computers. He ensures the varied needs of family members are met; provides tutorials in the use of our new computer, ensures all technical aspects are more than met, as I wouldn't know what to request. Your my super (computer) man!

Jeannie Weeks

Dylan came to assist me with my laptop screen problems. He replaced it on the spot, it was a joy to watch a master at work! He was knowledgeable, well presented and lovely to deal with. I asked many questions and he was very happy to answer I was babysitting my 6 & 8 year old nephews and he was able to concentrate amongst the chaos. Keep up the good work!!!

Karoline Willows

I had been so stressed with my ISP experience (10 days of getting nowhere) including 12 hours of phone calls to call centres to get set up on a wireless modem, Dylan was in the house for less than 20 minutes and had the problem solved, including doing some other clean ups on my computer. I will not hesitate to use your service again and would love to recommend Dylan IT.

Gavin Archam

After dealing with the manufacturers support tech and calling other comp repair companies, there is no comparison between the quality, competency and satisfaction we have had dealing with your company. I called your office for a quote, then to confirm an appointment and lastly to alter invoice details. You were friendly but very professional, every question was answered clearly and thoroughly and the whole service was so incredibly easy it made having a defunct hard drive almost worthwhile to discover such service still exists. I can not speak highly enough of Dylan IT. Thank you so very much.

Joseph Stults

Dylan completed his task in I would say 20 minutes then proceeded to check things on my son's computer to fill in the one hour service. He helped my son with questions and I was thoroughly impressed by his service. Best experience I have had with a computer company in a long time. Thank you.

Corinne Tate

We had computer problems for over two months, we called Dylan IT and Dylan fixed our computer! He was very friendly and explained everything in plain english so we understood what the problem was and what he was doing to fix it, it's great to have our computer finally working like it should. Next time we have a computer problem, the first thing we will do is call Dylan IT!

Michael Hodges

I can tell you what I actually already have told my friends, that Dylan IT is second to none and to make them the only person they call in a computer crisis. I had no idea who to call for help and made the mistake of going with one of those big companies who left me a message saying they wouldn't be coming due to traffic 3 hours AFTER the scheduled appointment time. Dylan IT is the one and only place to call.

Melissa Farrell

Dylan is always available on short notice, is on time, is fast, explains the problem in simple non-techie terms, offers follow up service for any further problems. The cost comes in within the price quoted. I could not be happier with the service I received.

Joan Houghton

Dylan was amazing. I told him my problem and he sat down, without pause or thought and started fixing. It made me feel so confident in his ability. He taught me tricks and ways to operate my Mac. I love the fact I can contact Dylan IT and get service so quickly. I will recommend you to anyone needing help. It was such a positive experience.

Robyn Faruggia


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    • Dylan IT,
    • Tolleshunt Major
    • Essex. CM9 8LN
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  • Telephone nos:
    • Colchester: 01206 805 629
    • Braintree & Witham: 01376 388 751
    • Chelmsford: 01245 905 795
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Colchester: 01206 805 629
Braintree & Witham: 01376 388 751
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