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Hylands House is a Grade II-listed villa in Hylands Park, on the western edge of Chelmsford. Did you know; In the 2004 film Chasing Liberty the house doubled as the White House.

Office 365 Solutions, Support, Setup & Management For Small to Medium Size Business in Chelmsford - Essex

Our Microsoft Certified Pro's are ready to help you get connected to all the services that Office 365 has to offer. We start with asking you questions to help understand your business and what problems that you currently face in terms of work-flow, best opractices, security and remote access. From here we can tailor a plan, perhaps a mix-and-match of different Office 365 plans to create your perfect solution. As a Microsoft Partner, we're able to offer our service & support with no ongoing monthly charges, meaning you get local Office 365 support with world-class products. Call us now to find out more.


Office 365  - Your Business in the Cloud.

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Office 365 brings togother all the benefits of its cloud computing prowess, such as accessing the latest version of your favourite Office Professional apps from anywhere, using real time collaboration, simple licensing and included software updates and upgrades which bring in all the latest features and all for a predictable monthly cost. When it comes to security and reliability and GDPR compliance, these aspects are taken care of by Microsoft, giving your staff more time to focus on what they do best. Office 365 is GDPR compliant, and also compliant with a number of other standards, including ISO 27001, and is compatible with a wide range of operating systems.

As a Microsoft partner, Dylan IT can get you up and running with this service with simplicity and ease.

Office 365 Business Professional with Exchange

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Microsoft now offers it’s top-level business grade email service called Exchange in a hosted ‘cloud’ environment. What this means is you no longer have to carry the financial burden of an on-premise mail server. If you don’t already know, Exchange offers the same convenient email syncing an IMAP service like Gmail, but also sync tasks, contacts and calendars across all of your devices, with all of your co-workers. Exchange then is the perfect solution for organisations that rely heavily on collaboration and often work remotely from home. Exchange syncs incoming as well as sent mail across all your devices, meaning when you send an email on your smartphone, you will have a copy on your computer and other devices. Being a cloud service, all email, contacts and the calendar information is stored in your mailbox. You can easily check co-workers calendars when planning a meeting or even create appointments on their behalf. This makes collaboration from across the room or around the world possible. When you configure your computer and your smartphone with exchange.

As a Microsoft partner, Dylan IT can get you up and running with this service with simplicity and ease.

Office 365 SharePoint

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Microsoft's SharePoint allow users to centrally store and collabortae on company files used in Word, Excel and powerPoint. Files can be accessed from a central location on the cloud and even worked on at the same time by multiple users. Share notes, appointments and news with your co-workers.

As a Microsoft partner, Dylan IT can get you up and running with this service with simplicity and ease.

We have been helping our customers since 1998, let us help you too.




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Hylands House is a Grade II-listed villa in Hylands Park, on the western edge of Chelmsford. Did you know; In the 2004 film Chasing Liberty the house doubled as the White House.

IT Support For Small to Medium Size Business in Chelmsford - Essex

All services offered on our computer repair page plus:

Managed Services

Dylan IT's Managed IT services for Chelmsford offer simplicity, flexibility and an effective way to manage your ICT. By outsourcing their IT management, our clients can select specific components for critical services or instead opt to outsource their entire IT infrastructure.

Our Managed Services feature includes:

  • Server and storage remote management and monitoring
  • Patch management
  • Network management
  • User device management
  • Backup management
  • User support
  • Mobile device management
  • Monthly reporting

Remote and onsite services, help desk support and regular consultations with an IT specialist are offered.

Cloud based backup and networking

Dylan IT have partnered with one the UK’s leading cloud data solutions companies to bring you products that not only keep your data safe, but allow you to access files from anywhere in the world, as if you were sitting on your PC at your desk. Rather than having a server, we can implement a cloud-based data share that everyone in you company can access, from anywhere in the world, on any device. An example might be if you have employees that are out on the road, they may need access to quotation forms on their iPad, or perhaps they need to take a photo on their smartphone of completed works. This all gets files in the central file share, which in turn is accessible by all employees both in and out of the office.

Of course, some of your files may need to reside locally on PC’s. That’s okay, they can still at least be backed up to the cloud, in case of theft, fire or flood situations. This way, your data is always backed up, rather than relying on employees to perform the backups to USB drives at the end of each day.

Managed Antivirus (MAV)

Internet security has come a long way in the business sector. Employees inadvertently downloading files they shouldn’t or opening rogue attachments causes huge disruption to your business workflow, especially if the computer in question is the one that has you crucial software installed like Sage, or maybe you CAD software etc. Antivirus in its traditional form is simply not enough these days. What is required now is the very best Antivirus along with a professional to keep their eye on things. Cue, Managed Antivirus. Where a traditional Antivirus would be likened to a racing car driver taking only a socket set and screwdriver with him in case anything goes wrong, MAV is like giving him a pit crew. All the tools, plus professionals constantly monitoring the data coming back from the race car, or in this case your business computers. This way we can be preventative, rather than reactive. This solution only costs a fraction more than the traditional Antivirus but saves so much more in keeping your computers working, and making you money.

Talk to us to find out how we can help you with Managed Antivirus.

Hosted Virtual Desktop

Hosted Virtual Desktops are the ultimate business cloud solution. Resolve all your IT needs and remove the worry of equipment, upgrades, licensing and support. Hosted Desktops are a cloud IT solution which will offer you flexible, reliable access to your software and files whether logging onto your desktop from the office, home or on the move. Whether you are a start-up or established organisation, Hosted desktops will provide an operational edge on those competitors who have yet to make the move, whilst also reducing your overheads.

What you get is a fully loaded Windows-based PC, with the latest Microsoft Office installed along with Exchange, Internet security built in and cloud backup. This is all built in to a virtual PC that lives in the cloud on UK-based servers. It means that in your office, all you need is a basic PC or PC-on-a-stick, monitor, keyboard and mouse to dial in to your cloud desktop. It means that you can work from anywhere that has an internet connection and from any device. It also keeps your overheads low and provide you with the comfort of knowing exactly what you yearly IT spend will be, as you will have no real hardware onsite that can go wrong.

Microsoft Windows Server Maintenance & Sales

A Microsoft file server is the only way to seamlessly centralise your important data and keep it backed up. It allows all users to have their locally stored data automatically synchronised and backed up without any user intervention. It also uses the best policies to seamlessly deal with sync conflicts if users have modified important files away from their desk and unknowingly created two copies. It also allows Administrators to create user-based policies to prevent novice users unintentionally modifying setup files or picking up viruses. We are experts in this field, we offer Server supply, installation, migration, configuration, maintenance, upgrades, cloud and local backup.

Apple / Mobile Device Integration

Dylan IT are Apple Macintosh qualified technicians. If you have or want a mix of Windows and Apple based computers, we are here to help. We can also assist with mobile device integration. Whether that be Smartphones, Tablets, IOS, Android, Windows Phone etc.

Don’t let your computers hold you and your business back. Dylan IT understands that your business requires a much more personalized support service and we have been helping small business in Chelmsford conquer and effectively manage their I.T setup for over 20 years. Let Dylan IT audit your current setup to see where it can be improved and how it can work for you, not the other way around.

We have been helping our customers since 1998, let us help you too.



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Dylan is always available on short notice, is on time, is fast, explains the problem in simple non-techie terms, offers follow up service for any further problems. The cost comes in within the price quoted. I could not be happier with the service I received.

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Our PC died suddenly and we hadn't backed up our photos and writing for quite a while, so we needed help and fast. Dylan was brilliant - friendly, not judgmental (no frowns or lectures about backing up our files), he worked fast and logically, and let us know exactly what he was doing and why. We're very impressed, and would certainly use Dylan IT again, and will definitely recommend your business to other people.

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Dylan was knowledgeable and knew what he was doing. He also explained all the other services that the company offers. He phoned before he arrived and he was earlier than scheduled. He also knew what questions to ask and fully appreciated my situation. Dylan is to be congratulated for his professionalism.

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The first contact with Dylan IT was over the phone and he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Dylan came to our home, fixed the problem we had in a short time and then proceeded to help and advise with other questions I had. Extremely impressed with the whole service.

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I received excellent service from Dylan when my computer was badly infected.  He is an extremely knowledgeable, professional and courteous person.  I was very impressed with his work and would have no hesitation in recommending him to family, friends and work colleagues.  Many thanks.

Jackie Pettitt. Timbercraft Windows & Doors. Colchester.

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Dylan IT built me a monster gaming rig as per my specification. I came to Dylan with a rough idea of what I wanted and that idea was ever so slightly polished, then it was built. I had Dylan IT build my rig in a clear perspex box that other companies wanted nothing to do with as it was deemed 'too finicky'. I love looking over my desk at this work of art. All the LED lighting and neatly laid cables have all been constructed with care and attention. I would recommend Dylan IT very highly indeed!

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Dylan is a life saver! I couldn't be more impressed with his willingness to help out. I run my business from my laptop and without it everything comes to a halt. Dylan had me up and running again in a few hours. He was very helpful and very understanding when a complete techno-moron like me calls up! Thank you very much for your help.

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I was thoroughly impressed with your Company from start to finish. I spoke to Dylan on the phone, who was polite, friendly and helpful - an unfortunate rarity these days. The email reminder, the phone call from Dylan on the day to confirm his arrival, his appearance, his demeanour and work. I could not be happier! Thank you very much.

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